QFP Forms and Information

Private landowners own over 11 million acres of forestland in Michigan. The purpose of the Qualified Forest Program (QFP) is to encourage private forestland owners to manage their land in an economically viable and environmentally sustainable manner. Landowners receive an exemption from local school operating taxes and/or exemptions from the uncapping of the taxable value of the property in the event of a change in ownership.

QFP Forms and Instructions to apply:

Instructions for New QFP Applicants

Qualified Forest Program Application

QFP Parcel Ownership Detail Form

QFP Practice Schedule

QFP Customer Information Form

Transfer of DNR QFP to MDARD QFP

QFA Transfer or Rescission Form

QFP Practice Schedule

QFP Transition Process Instructions

Stand Type Symbols and Forest Practice Types

Instructions for QFP Practice Schedule
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