Forestry/Wildlife Assistance

Forestry/Wildlife Program

Approximately 80% of the Land in Michigan is privately owned. Even in the Upper Peninsula, which contains an abundance of the state and national forest, 43% or 3.6 million acres is owned by the non-industrial private landowner. Private lands are of significant magnitude to impact forest composition/age and wildlife habitat suitability, however, little effort has been directed towards responsible and sustainable management of forest on private lands.

The Delta Conservation District is once again providing forestry/wildlife services to private landowners. Here are some of the information and services that Rory can provide:

  • Free on-site property evaluation
  • Tree and shrub planting recommendations
  • Timber sale assistance
  • Wildlife habitat recommendations
  • Wetland/Environmental Assistance
  • Tree insect and disease identification
  • Forest Stewardship Program
  • Commerical Forest Act
  • Qualified Forest program
  • Quality Deer Management
  • Land leasing information
  • American Tree Farm Program
  • Christmas tree management
  • Available cost-share programs

Please contact the Delta Conservation District at 906-553-7700
for information or contact Rory Mattson at 906-280-6947

**** Also servicing Schoolcraft County****

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                 Click to see: Qualified Forestry Program Plan Writer List

The Forestry Assistance Program works to provide an initial professional contact with landowners who are interested in Natural Resource Management and Environmental issues on their properties. Another important goal of the program is to refer jobs/projects to private sector businesses (consultants, timber producers, engineers, construction contractors, surveyors, etc.).

Private sector businesses interested in pursuing job(s)/project(s) described below (link – “Private Sector Jobs/Projects Available”) can contact the Delta Conservation District by e-mail: and/or call Rory at (906) 280-6947.

click to see: Private Sector Jobs/Projects Available

Landowners will be encouraged to contact all interested private sector businessesby individual discipline lists that will be provided to the landowner, but the choice remains with the landowner.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

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