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Phragmites Bay Watch Group

Phragmites australis (pronounced frag-MY-teez) is a non-native, invasive plant which has infested the Lake Michigan shoreline in Delta County in many places, replacing the native vegetation that native insects and animals depend on for food and habitat.
Help us protect our beautiful, Lake Michigan shoreline!
In 2013, The Delta Conservation District began treating infested areas along the Lake Michigan shoreline and in 2015, Michigan Invasive Species Grant Programawarded a grant to the District to help fund this effort. And though our project was considered “successful,” the battle is hardly over.

Phragmites is an extremely aggressive plant. Many landowners are reporting re-growth and/or new growth in areas previously untreated.

If you are concerned about a possible Phragmites infestation, we encourage you to contact our office for assistance in Phragmites identification, control methods, permit information, possible cost-share programs and/or contractor referrals.

Join the Delta Conservation District’s


The Delta Conservation District is counting on our neighbors to form early detection, rapid response teams to help monitor the Lake Michigan shoreline. Bay Watch members will be asked to keep a trained eye on the beaches and report the new growth and development of the threatening non-native, phragmites invading Delta County. If you are interested in joining our team, please let us know!

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